A little bit about me…

Born 1969 in Birmingham, I trained at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art – Oxford University and graduated in 1992 with a 2:1 and was later awarded Master of Arts. I have exhibited throughout Oxford and the West Midlands and worked with high profile clients in the music industry.

I work in oils on canvas or inks and watercolour on paper. I love the variation between the time based medium of oil painting and the complete freedom and element of chance I get when I i use inls and washes.

My work is a celebration of life. I am a spiritualist and a Reiki master and my aim is to channel the essence and energy of my subject and make them come alive in my work.

I am vegan, a lover of all animals and a passionate advocate for animal welfare. My entire life has been enriched by the presence of animals, both domestic and wild and I will always be in awe of our natural world and indebted to my parents for their introduction to it. To paint from this rich canvas is an absolute privilege.